Costly Wear-and-Tears

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Wear-and-Tear is a common problem people face when returning a lease.

The lease agreement you sign will define what is considered abnormal wear-and-tear at lease end.  Examples include glass that is damaged or dark-tinted; body damage, fenders, metal works, light, trim or paint; missing equipment that has not replaced with equipment of equal quality; missing or unsafe tires; torn, damaged or stained dash, floor covers, seats, upholstery; or any mechanical damage or condition that causes the vehicle to operate in a noisy, rough and unsafe, unsafe or unlawful manner.

Zad Tip: Before you sign a lease agreement, make sure that you will be able to commit to the terms.  If you choose to bail out early it can cost you thousands of dollars and the sooner you end it, the greater the charge will likely be. Be sure to get strong grasp of agreement and carefully read  the early termination language.  If you don’t understand it, do some research or find someone who does.

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