Tips on Buying a Car

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Thinking of Buying a Car?

The decision of buying a car could be overwhelming. Apart from the fact that it is an expensive purchase, the number of choices available to you and the risk of making the wrong decision can leave you confused. Remember, you might not be a professional car buyer and you will be dealing with professional car dealers. So you need to be prepared. You must know what your requirements are (for example, fuel efficiency), knowing your budget, and knowing the history of the vehicle (in case of buying a used car).

Tips on Buying a Car

There are lots of things you should know and must consider before closing a deal or making a purchase. Here are some quick useful tips that can guide you with buying a car:

  • Knowledge is power and thanks to new technology, gaining this power has become easy! It is important to do your research online before you approach a dealer, so you’ll know what the invoice price of the car is. This gives you a fair idea of how much above the invoice price the dealer is demanding from you and provides you with a stronger ground to negotiate;
  • Buying a car is no laughing matter, so do not rush into the decision. Do not get fooled by common lies told by dealers such as ‘there are only two of this model left in our inventory’, ‘we have other buyers interested in this car’, ‘this price is one-time offer only’, etc., to rush you into making a decision. Take your time to decide.
  • Be clever when buying a car. An advertised amazing deal on a car might attract you, only to find out it has already been sold. Once you visit, the dealer might try to trick you into a second-best deal. Also, they might offer add-ons to the deal for a minimum cost addition (so they say!). Do not get tempted and stick to the car you want;
  • To avoid the pressure, try to negotiate pricing on the phone or online, especially if you are the sort of person who has difficulty saying ‘NO’. It is easier to fall in dealers’ trap if you negotiate in person. Remember, they are the professionals, you are not.
  • Do not focus on monthly payments the dealer is offering, since it is easy to reduce amount of monthly payment by extending the payback duration. When buying a car, always focus on the total actual price that you would be paying;
  • In case you are trading-in your old car, make sure you get it evaluated by multiple dealers. This is because the dealer from whom you are planning to buy a car by trading-in your old one would try to offer you a very low price for your car. Knowing the true value of your car will give you a stronger ground for negotiation.
  • Carefully scrutinize the paper work and make sure it contains what you agreed to, before you finalize the deal.
  • Time your purchase. If you want to get the best deals, be thoughtful as to when you’ll be buying a car. The best time to make a car buying decision is in the end days of the month because at this time dealers are trying to reach or exceed their sale targets.

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Car buying decisions can indeed be time consuming and doing all the research and leg work can cost a lot of money as well. So if you are not ready to carry all these burdens, Zadcars can help you. We’ll help you with the complete car buying experience and offer services from the first step of searching the right car until the closing of the deal. Visit us at and let us help you with your next car purchase.


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