The Detroit Three: GM, Ford and Chrysler are Back


The Detroit Three

The Detroit Three: GM, Ford and Chrysler  reached groundbreaking sales last year.

The Detroit Three Reached Groundbreaking Car Sales

 Last year was a pretty good year for the automotive industry. Automobile manufacturers reached one of the highest sale peaks in the industry, selling 15.6 million cars and trucks. A number that is highly comparable to 2007 highest sale records of 16.1 million automobiles and on top of the pack were the Detroit Three: GM, Ford and Chrysler.

 Among the many car manufacturers, Detroit Three automakers were able to stand out with a record of 7.4 million cars in the United States, marking a 13.5% increase from their sales in 2012. The Detroit Three demonstrated groundbreaking sales record – General Motors Company with nearly 2.8 million cars sold, Ford with 2.5 million cars sold and Chrysler Group LLC with 1.8 million cars sold – all accounting just for the year of 2013.

From a number of automobiles that were sold in 2013, the Ford F-Series pickup still garnered the best-selling car of the year with its sale of more than 700,000 vehicles and 2013 being its 32nd successive year. Other vehicles that were closely behind the Ford F-Series were the Chevrolet Silverado, the Toyota Camry, Honda Accord and the Ram pickup. A slight decrease in the rate of car sales upon the beginning of 2014 can be expected, but sales reaching up to 16 million cars can be anticipated by the end of 2014.





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