Mercedes Benz VS Jaguar

Mercedes VS Jaguar; Chicken VS Feline  

mercedes benz VS Jaguar

One video is going viral online; the Mercedes Benz VS Jaguar video ad. Something that involves a chicken being eaten by a jaguar (yes it was a jaguar and not a cheetah).  An obvious kill of Mercedes Benz by Jaguar but don’t worry it’s not visually violent, no blood of some sort.

Mercedes Benz thought of starting fresh, with a new ad and new animal inspiration. As a Mercedes lover, we are guessing they will use a strong, elegant animal as their new money-making inspiration. But then, we were wrong. MB chooses to go with CHICKEN. Alright, chickens are elegant, can be strong at times, but come on, chicken as car model? Are you kidding me? When I think of chicken, I think of lunch or dinner, I think of fried chicken. I don’t think about cars. Sorry Mercedes.
However, we will give you some points for that magical chicken dance. Yes, it explains suspension the best way possible but then again chickens are chickens and they don’t represent cars that well, especially if you are clashing with super car giants.

Here’s the video that triggered Mercedes Benz VS Jaguar trend. Watch and decide for yourself.

Mercedes Benz used chickens. No wonder why Jaguar USA mocks them. Shortly after Mercedes release their new “chicken magic body control” ad, Jaguar also releases their own commercial; the Jaguar VS Chicken ad (shown above) a parody of the Mercedes ad. An ad, we at ZadCars find very creative and fitting for their brand. In the end the feline ate the chicken, so will Mercedes Benz be sucked up by Jaguar USA? Is for all of us to find out…


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