Hollywood Power Women’s Power Cars

Top Power Cars of Hollywood’s Power Women

Gone were the days when Hollywood leading ladies ride like princesses behind the passenger sit of their glamorous cars. Today, they too drive their own power cars and have developed their love for speed. Think Ellen DeGeneres behind the steering wheel of her silver Portia 911 Turbo or Melissa Rauch driving her Lexus 450 Hybrid.

Porche 911 turbo

Ellen DeGeneres Silver Porsche 911 Turbo

On top of the power car list of Hollywood’s powerful women is Porche Cayman because it’s small, sexy and really hot.  Chic women go for Prius, Mini, BMW X3 and compact SUV’s. Those who go for luxury choose Mercedes C-Class and Lexus ES.  Aston Martin also made its way to the list, as more Hollywood leading ladies fell in love for this British car make.

Lexus 450 Hybrid

Melissa Rauch’s Lexus 450 Hybrid

“Women see a car as akin to a handbag or shoe — it’s another accoutrement, like a Chanel blouse. Colour can be a deal breaker,” Tara Weingarten says, founder of VroomGirls, an L.A.-based website devoted to women and cars.

Mariya Palanjian of ZadCars, also agrees that women choose a power car that match their personality.  “As personalization, becomes more common in the auto industry, more women will choose cars that will be an extension of their style. Nicki Minaj’s Bright Pink Lamborghini is a great example, it definitely caught my attention at the 2013 LA AutoShow,” Mariya says.

Bright Pink Lamborghini

Nicki Minaj’s Bright Pink Lamborghini



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    The engine of the DBR9 consists of a 48 valve Aston Martin Racing 6.

    It is no wonder that everyone attempts to produce one of these beauties.

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