BMW and Audi Introduce Laser Headlights

Laser-Light Technology for BMW and Audi Super Cars

Laser-light technology has been used in different industries for years, but who would have thought that it can be used as car headlight? Oh well, apparently BMW and Audi did.

Audi will introduce the laser light technology in their 2014 Audi R18 E-tron Quattro; a high endurance race car that has turbo-diesel hybrid power engine.  The laser Matrix LED headlights are designed to overturn lights directed at approaching vehicles while providing constant lighting on the road.

 “A blue laser beam backlights a yellow phosphorus crystal lens through which the light beam is then emitted,” Audi said recently in a statement. “This new light source provides even more homogenous lighting of the road.” However, the laser headlights used by Audi are yet to be approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. So there is not exact time as to when this beauty will hit the US roads.

On the other, BMW has debuted laser light technology in their European Spec 2015 BMW i8 hybrid sport coupe, which was introduced in 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show. They used standard LED laser headlights, the very first in the world, which is legal to use in Europe. BMW i8 hybrid is the very first plug-in hybrid, which makes it a perfect bearer of the laser light technology.


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